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Return from Paradise

imageIt’s been a full and happy month away from this little corner of the internet. It began with a beautiful wedding in the hills of Montecito, the Pacific stretched out below our feet, followed by a little visit to paradise. Ah, Hawaii! We visited Pearl Harbor, hiked Diamond Head and swam with the fishes in Hanauma Bay. But the highlight of the trip was on the Big Island, which we can now confidently confirm (after our second visit) is our favorite little place on earth. It wasn’t the steep climb down the winding trail to the floor of the Pololu Valley, its green cliffs receding above us as we inched closer and closer to the black sand beach. It wasn’t the climb over lava rock and through thorny brush to a secluded cove filled with sea turtles, basking on the shore and swimming just beyond our reach as we waded into the warm turquoise water. Continue reading


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The Birthday Post

imageWednesday was my office birthday. You know, that day when your coworkers surprise you with flowers, a card, and a box full of ridiculously awesome pastries from a local bakery? Oh, your office mates don’t do that? You should probably just submit your resignation now. Because I’m telling you, office birthdays are THE BEST and everyone deserves one. Even better than the sweets and flowers, birthdays in my office also come with a special birthday question, compliments of my boss. I knew the question was coming, so I prepared as best I could, by trying to summon up memories of birthdays past. Continue reading


Life Isn’t Perfect

imageWe had a bit of a mishap at the Krauss residence last week. Or rather, our entire building had a really major mishap. The previous Saturday morning, our water heater decided to die. Like all of us, the winter did our poor little water boiler in, which meant that we spent the rest of the week without a drop of hot water. Hand-washing dishes in freezing cold water left a sheen of grease over every pot, pan, utensil, and plate. My icicle fingers took a good hour to thaw. Clothes came out of the machine half-clean. And my morning shower turned into a lesson in 18th century hygiene. By the end of the week, I had it down to a science: 1. Run an inch of cold water in the tub. 2. Boil two pots of water on the stove. 3. Carry carefully to bathroom to avoid pouring on naked toes. 4. Add to water in tub. 5. Get in immediately. It will be warm for five minutes. 6. Don’t bother pretending that your hair and body aren’t covered in a layer of soap scum. 7. Embrace it. Continue reading


Seven Years Later

Yesterday was the seven year anniversary of dad’s passing. He was fifty-five. I was twenty-three, and I couldn’t imagine how life could continue normally or happily without him, but it has. I went to grad school (at Harvard, dad!). I ran 8 marathons (including Boston! I survived Heartbreak Hill three times, dad!). I married Matt. We moved to DC. We bought a home. I think dad would be proud of what I’ve done and who I am and this helps me keep him close. Still, this time of year I always get a little bit restless, a little bit emotional, a little bit lost.

pizza failWe spent Halloween with our neighbors and a group of their friends, handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, carving pumpkins, grilling a feast, and ending the night with a viewing of Carrie. There were several times throughout the evening when I found myself engrossed in a long conversation about this blog. In fact, Meg our hostess attributed the night’s seasonally appropriate (and delicious) meal to my post about the sins of eating corn in October. I was touched, honored, moved and caught completely off-guard. To know that a blog inspired by my dad is in turn inspiring others made me incredibly self-conscious, but also incredibly happy. I’m accomplishing what I set out to accomplish, keeping dad’s spirit alive, not only through my own cooking and writing, but through your cooking, too. Thank you for that.   Continue reading