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The Birthday Post

imageWednesday was my office birthday. You know, that day when your coworkers surprise you with flowers, a card, and a box full of ridiculously awesome pastries from a local bakery? Oh, your office mates don’t do that? You should probably just submit your resignation now. Because I’m telling you, office birthdays are THE BEST and everyone deserves one. Even better than the sweets and flowers, birthdays in my office also come with a special birthday question, compliments of my boss. I knew the question was coming, so I prepared as best I could, by trying to summon up memories of birthdays past. Continue reading



Life Isn’t Perfect

imageWe had a bit of a mishap at the Krauss residence last week. Or rather, our entire building had a really major mishap. The previous Saturday morning, our water heater decided to die. Like all of us, the winter did our poor little water boiler in, which meant that we spent the rest of the week without a drop of hot water. Hand-washing dishes in freezing cold water left a sheen of grease over every pot, pan, utensil, and plate. My icicle fingers took a good hour to thaw. Clothes came out of the machine half-clean. And my morning shower turned into a lesson in 18th century hygiene. By the end of the week, I had it down to a science: 1. Run an inch of cold water in the tub. 2. Boil two pots of water on the stove. 3. Carry carefully to bathroom to avoid pouring on naked toes. 4. Add to water in tub. 5. Get in immediately. It will be warm for five minutes. 6. Don’t bother pretending that your hair and body aren’t covered in a layer of soap scum. 7. Embrace it. Continue reading