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Polar Plunges and Pork Carnitas

imageRemember that streak of healthy recipes I shared with you? Well, it’s over. Because I have discovered the wondrous miracle of homemade pork carnitas. They’re so phenomenally easy to make and so fantastically delicious wrapped up in corn tortillas and topped with shredded cabbage and guacamole, that we might never eat anything else again. Continue reading


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Finding the Dek

imageLast week at work, I sat in on a short talk by Christian Caryl. He spoke to a room full of graduate students, all eager to learn the secret to writing well. Have a point, he told us. And get to it quickly. Support it with just the most relevant facts and say it all with passion. All of which, he confessed, is much easier said than done. But then he suggested the following: Start with the dek. The dek is the very brief description immediately following the headline. The dek is your entire story summed up in a line or two. Once you have the dek, the story’s arc is set and you can travel the curve from start to finish, filling in the details along the way. Continue reading