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Valentine’s Day Steak

imageLet’s talk about Valentine’s Day. Does anyone out there actually celebrate? That question is totally facetious and mostly rhetorical, since I listened to an NPR story on Friday about how a Manhattan florist has 25,000 roses shipped directly from a farm in Ecuador to his shop door just in time to sell them to V-day shoppers at twice their usual price. All of the roses need to magically bloom six days before February 14. The flowers wear little hair nets to protect them from the wind and farm workers open and close the canvas curtains surrounding the plants to shield them from the elements. It’s all spectacularly dramatic, far more enthralling than the holiday itself. Continue reading


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A Very Special Bottle of Wine

My favorite type of meal is a celebratory meal and this week I have been inundated with them. I went to one of my closest childhood friend’s bachelorette party in South Dartmouth last weekend. Fifteen girls gathered to celebrate. We made tortilla soup and tacos for dinner, and eggs and bacon and hash browns for breakfast both mornings. We took turns stirring and taste testing, chopping vegetables and toasting bagels, we added salt, and we nodded in agreement at the improvement. It was collaborative and communal and satisfying in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Continue reading