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A Sous Chef and Her Stories

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Life-changing Butter

IMG_1757I’ve been craving a new cookbook for months. I’ve exhausted all the recipes on my shelf and I’m practically itching for a shiny new tome to start cooking my way through. But my cookbook shelf is full to capacity and my neurotic need to keep all my books in one place has so far trumped my craving to expand the collection. Plus, there are a few books of my dad’s that have been woefully neglected over the years. And so, I’m dusting them off and finding all the new-to-me recipes that I’ve been ignoring for too long. Continue reading


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More Running, More Food

lentils and fishIt’s been a long time since I wrote about running. This is mostly because I haven’t been doing very much of it. It’s amazing how quickly one gets used to sleeping in a little later on weekdays and a lot later on the weekends, staying in pajamas half the day. Eventually though, the itch creeps in from somewhere. I can never find the source and I can never stop it’s persistent pressure on my weak will. And so, on Saturday morning just after 7am, I found myself ticking off the mile markers on the C&O Canal Trail, watching the early morning sun slowly escape the horizon. It was a perfect day. Between thin skins of ice, the canal water was quiet and smooth as glass, with a reflection so clear and real, I felt that if I dove in head-first, I might be standing right-side up in the upside-down world beneath the surface. There were cardinals, in pairs, the bright red male and his muted brown mate, hopping about in the dust and darting through the barren brush. The cold air bit the lungs in a way that shook one awake and brought on an animal alertness. The cold also brings a certain sharpness and clarity to the air. The outline of the rising moon was cut so cleanly against the rosy sky, I felt that I could pluck it out of the air, as if it were a piece of construction paper in a shoe box diorama. Clearly, I was smitten, all over again. Continue reading

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My Plate is Full

nicoiseAnd for once, I mean that figuratively, because our dinner plates tonight are actually rather spare. You see, I am in the midst of a bachelorette-wedding-travel whirlwind that is consuming my life and wreaking havoc on my routine. But it’s not all bad. I flew home last night from a lovely weekend in Michigan wine country with my soon to be sister-in-law and a short stay with my in-laws in Chicago. On Sunday night, we had an amazing seafood dinner in Evanston. (You heard me right – great seafood in a Chicago suburb.) I had softshell crabs, a treat to myself whenever they’re on the menu. Continue reading

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Quintessential Summer

photo (21)For most intents and purposes, I am a city girl. I grew up in a city, went to college in a city, and moved to a new city with Matt to start my adult life. I’ve never owned a car. I like to have everything I need within walking distance. I like to have a short commute to work. I like to walk out my door and be assaulted by options – restaurants, stores, museums, and parks. Continue reading

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Adlers Eat Lobster

photo (11)Before I tell you stories about last night’s dinner, I want to take a few lines to thank you for reading. Despite my shameless plugs on Facebook, I really did not expect to find an audience for this compilation of personal stories, random recipes, and neurotic habits. So, I truly appreciate that you’re reading, if not for my ego’s sake, then definitely for your help in keeping Sig’s memory alive, which is really the whole point. Continue reading