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Vegetarian Night (MSG Free)

Tonight is tofu night. This is not because I am a vegetarian, I am not. And this is not because I give any credence to diets that restrict entire food groups, I don’t. Still, we eat meat-free on a fairly regular occasion, partly because meat and fish are expensive and I am nothing if not frugal and partly because I have a strange affinity for the funky textures of meat substitutes. Continue reading


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The Communal Grill

for blogIn October, my husband Matt and I bought our first home in a 1907 coop building in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC. We know our neighbors by name. We know our neighbors’ cats by name. We have potluck parties and lend each other jars of dried oregano. I feel like I’ve been transported back to my childhood block, where we walked out our front doors with cups of sugar for the neighbors across the street. I am wildly in love with this little community we’ve found. Continue reading